Spring Into Shape For The Center @862



Sunday, April 30th Barry’s Boot Camp is sponsoring a fundraising event for The Scarsdale Teen Center. The event will be held at the Golden Horseshoe Mall, 1142 Wilmot Road, Scarsdale, NY.

For $25 you can join in a one hour Barry’s Boot camp class for participants 15 years and older.

All proceeds will benefit The Scarsdale Teen Center.

To register visit: http://www.thecenter862.com



Make Everyday Earth Day

Make every day earth day

By: Avisia Limato

This Saturday is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day. Every April 22nd we demonstrate our support for environmental protection. There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference.

Plant a Tree: Nothing celebrates Earth more than planting a tree. Trees help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean pollution in the air; provide oxygen, prevent soil erosion and provide habitats for wildlife.

Start a Garden: Every day is Earth Day when you grow a garden.  A garden is a great way to start making your own food which reduces your carbon foot print and can save you money. Gardens are great habitats for pollinators; pollinators (like bees) play a huge part in the production of crops. Grow a variety of plants and flowers in your garden and try to avoid the use of pesticides.

Build a Birdhouse: Creating a birdhouse is beneficial for birds and your garden. Birdhouses provide a safe place for birds to nest and raise their young. They help your garden by keeping the insect population under control.

Recycle: Recycling saves energy, reduces the use of renewable resources and limits pollution. To make recycling second nature in your home set up a recycling center. The main categories of recyclable items are paper, plastic, glass and metals.  If you have the space get separate bins for each so you do not have to sort thru it later.

Ride Your Bike: You might not be able to ride your bike everyday/everywhere but start thinking of times and places you can. Riding your bike reduces carbon emissions, improves air quality and reduces energy consumption. Riding your bike is also great exercise, so start pedaling.

Education: The best way to help our environment is to learn more about it. Read up on recycling, endangered species, climate change, water shortages; the list goes on. Do your research so you can make everyday Earth Day.

Greenburgh Nature Center – Earth Day Celebration


On Sunday, April 23rd the Greenburgh Nature Center is hosting an Earth Day Celebration. The event will run from 12:00pm – 4:00pm and is free to attend. There will be volunteer projects to take part in and workshops to help you learn how to care for our planet.

For more details and a list of the scheduled programs for the day visit: Greenburgh Nature Center

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1st Quarter 2017 Market Report


We have a lot to celebrate this spring.  In Westchester, close to 7 percent more homes were sold in the first quarter of this year compared to a year ago. When new homes come on the market, they attract multiple bidders, and they go fast. 30 percent of all homes went at or above the asking price. The future looks strong.

Read more in our 1st Quarter 2017 Market Report: http://bit.ly/q117wpd


The Home Office

Whether you’re working from home, paying bills or online shopping these properties show you it’s easy to combine stylish details and professionalism in your home office design.


15 Brookby Road Scarsdale, NY $3,875,000


A classic home office with built-in cabinetry and room for an executive desk. The layout is kicked up a notch with a vaulted ceiling and double French doors.





29 Fairview Road Scarsdale, NY $3,475,000

blog office

Double exposure windows produce ample light in this sleek home office. A coffered ceiling and built-ins with wet bar enhance the design.




31 Paddington Road Scarsdale, NY $3,350,000


A home office flooded by natural light with high ceilings and oversized windows creates a calming environment.




128 Carthage Road Scarsdale, NY $2,875,000

blog office

Embossed wallpaper adds texture to this traditional environment, proving a room dedicated to a home office can easily become a sophisticated space for work.





42 Cobblefield Road White Plains, NY $2,100,000


Sun-drenched and over-sized cherry paneled suite with gas fireplace, surround sound system, matching wet bar and sliding glass doors to lower patio. We can easily say this home office has it all.



250 Fort Hill Road Scarsdale, NY $1,985,000


Built-in shelving and books shape this home office, creating balance between professionalism and comfort.


Come fly with us—on BLADE

By E.J. Kelley – From: HERD the Houlihan Lawrence blog 


We’re thrilled to be the exclusive real estate partner of BLADE, the sleek private aviation startup hailed by some as “the Uber of Helicopters.”

The partnership, which begins this month, will bring prominent exposure for all Houlihan Lawrence listings, appearing to BLADE flyers throughout their journeys. Houlihan Lawrence clients can also receive a special discount on BLADE services, which include helicopter, jet and seaplane service from New York City to destinations including the Hamptons, Nantucket, Miami and the Bahamas.

Houlihan Lawrence property videos will play from the firm’s Instagram feed in BLADE lounges, where the firm’s quarterly print magazines will be available for in-flight reading. The firm has also produced a bespoke digital lifestyle publication to display on iPads at lounge bars and on BLADE One jets.

Founded in 2015 by Warner Music veteran Rob Wiesenthal, BLADE has seen a rapid ascent into the pantheon of luxury brands. The fashion-forward, digital-first brand company lets clients book services on demand using their proprietary mobile app. Options include booking by seat, crowdsourcing an already-scheduled flight or chartering your own private flight. Membership is not required.

Enhancing Your Home To Stay Or To Sell


By: Lynne Clark

This is not about “staging”, it is about making your home environment more enjoyable for YOU now and relieving stress by dealing with projects soon that will most likely have to be dealt with in the future.

Lets start with organizing small jobs. A good philosophy is that you start with a small task that can be accomplished quickly, preferably in the morning when you are fresh. Remember to say over and over to yourself: “Let it go.”

Here are a few suggestions on where to start:

Linen Closet:
Take everything out and put it on the floor, clean the closet thoroughly. Have a plastic bag handy and put sheets, towels, old curtains and drapes in it that you haven’t used for years. Put it aside to take to the recycling center or the nearest animal shelter. Fold by color and size the ones you want to keep. You will be so happy you have done this simple task that you will pass by and open the doors to take a peek at your handy work.

Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets: 
Go through your kitchen drawers and cabinets and get rid of stuff you don’t really need or use. Do you really want 5 can-openers, 50 coasters and 20 different pitchers? I did this with my reluctant husband and we filled 3 grocery bags and took them to a thrift shop.

Oh how it piles up! Doesn’t it just drive you nuts when you can’t find the bill that you know is due or an invitation and you just cant recall the time you should be there? Here are some tricks. Make a separate folder for bills, invitation and bank statements that are right where you open the mail. Put your coupons in an envelope and leave them in the car. If you really want to look at those catalogs, put them in a basket so you can keep them together to carry to the office, bedroom, den, etc. Same with newspapers.

Old Paint Cans:
Get rid of paints you will never use again because your den is now gray instead of purple. If you fill the paints with kitty litter or can-dry and give them a day or so for the paint to be absorbed, you can put them out with your trash. This is only for latex based paints. Oil based paints need to go to a recycling center.

Think about all those photographs on your piano, end tables, counters, refrigerator and hall walls. I recommend donating all those frames and putting your cherished photos in a beautiful album for your coffee table. It gets rid of clutter and saves dusting time too. You will look at the album frequently and so will visitors.

Every house I go in seems to have tons of books collected and adored over many years. It is good to go through them and take your treasures and put them on a shelf or two. Give others away to your local library where you can go visit them. If you neatly line up your remaining books by size on your shelves with all binders in the same location, they look really smart.

Cook Books:
I love cookbooks although many i have not looked at in years as so many wonderful recipes are online now. I have been taking cook books on car trips and while I am not driving, you’ll be glad to know, I go through the old books and tear out the recipes I really care about and file them away and then throw out the books.

If you haven’t worn something in 5 years, give it away. If you don’t really like something because you made a mistake in buying it last year, give it away. If you think you might wear it again when you loose weight, give it away. There are so many families that need clothing. Marie Kondo of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up says that dealing with clothes is the biggest challenge for families. She says you really need to love the items and to not keep them “just because”. I recommend her motivating book.

To sum up, start now to organize your home for your own enjoyment and peace of mind. You will feel so much better even when the little tasks are done. Remember to just “Let it go.”