Make Everyday Earth Day

Make every day earth day

By: Avisia Limato

This Saturday is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day. Every April 22nd we demonstrate our support for environmental protection. There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference.

Plant a Tree: Nothing celebrates Earth more than planting a tree. Trees help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean pollution in the air; provide oxygen, prevent soil erosion and provide habitats for wildlife.

Start a Garden: Every day is Earth Day when you grow a garden.  A garden is a great way to start making your own food which reduces your carbon foot print and can save you money. Gardens are great habitats for pollinators; pollinators (like bees) play a huge part in the production of crops. Grow a variety of plants and flowers in your garden and try to avoid the use of pesticides.

Build a Birdhouse: Creating a birdhouse is beneficial for birds and your garden. Birdhouses provide a safe place for birds to nest and raise their young. They help your garden by keeping the insect population under control.

Recycle: Recycling saves energy, reduces the use of renewable resources and limits pollution. To make recycling second nature in your home set up a recycling center. The main categories of recyclable items are paper, plastic, glass and metals.  If you have the space get separate bins for each so you do not have to sort thru it later.

Ride Your Bike: You might not be able to ride your bike everyday/everywhere but start thinking of times and places you can. Riding your bike reduces carbon emissions, improves air quality and reduces energy consumption. Riding your bike is also great exercise, so start pedaling.

Education: The best way to help our environment is to learn more about it. Read up on recycling, endangered species, climate change, water shortages; the list goes on. Do your research so you can make everyday Earth Day.


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